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Going on a vacation should be three things: enjoyable, relaxing and fun. If you’re not looking for these it means you are not ready for a vacation. As most seek to go on a vacation to get rid of responsibilities and pressure, convincing you to rent a car during this period would be a bit hard. Or would it?

The arguments against renting a car while on a vacation might be many: extra costs, added stress of taking care of a strange car, getting used to driving a new car, the comfort degree that may or may not exist for the car you are renting and so on and so forth.

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However there are also a few pro arguments that are meant to show you that if you want to find fault in something you can do it even if everything runs smoothly. Meaning? It’s easy to complain and focus on the negative instead of finding a way to enjoy what you have or are given.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Car on Vacation

Reason no.1 – Added usage to your car. If you don’t want to ride your car more than the necessary, think about renting a car. It is true that you will add money to the total budget put aside for the vacation but on the long term you might even win some of this money back. Take into account the fact that the rented cars receive a series of regular services in order to maintain them functional. I am sorry to break it to you but they might be even better maintained than your own. This way you will give your car a break and use another one for a change.

Reason no.2 – Comfort. Your car might not offer you the type of comfort you are looking for when going on a vacation. But if you rent a car, you can choose the type of vehicle that can make your vacation fun and extremely flexible. Imagine you want to climb rocky, mountain roads. Don’t you think your family Volvo would be a bit overwhelmed by the multitude of mud and ditches existent?

Reason no. 3 – Flexibility. Imagine that you want to change the route of your vacation at the last minute. Instead of going to rocky mountains you decide to go see the beach. When you don’t have a car at your disposal making these kinds of changes are quite difficult. But when you rent the perfect car for you, moving from one place to the other is easier than taking any other means of transportation.

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Reason no. 4 – Safety. With a rental car you know that in case something happens the rental company will offer you another car without extra charge. Because when you rent a car from a serious company you also receive the certainty that they will have your back in care of danger.

Reason no.5 –  Time. Imagine how much time you will save by taking a plane to your destination and then renting a car. Instead of getting your car all ready for a trip you can rent one when you reach your destination and travel comfortably.

When you are on a vacation you will want to simplify your life. You can manage to do this by renting a car and driving away to your destination. Life is too short to spend it doing boring things. Take advantage of today and choose a simpler option!

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