5 Simple Ways to Prepare for a Winter Trip


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Winter trips are fun and very exciting especially if you are a snow enthusiast. But they can also be the source of a lot of troubles if you don’t prepare accordingly. When planning a winter trip you should be twice as careful compared to when you are planning a regular one. Why? Because you can run into plenty of problems or unexpected situations. Being prepared might help you deal with them easier and why not, even save your life.

What’s the first thing you do when you plan a trip? Well, you rent a car (it’s better to rent a car if you are on vacation) and start planning. If you take into account the following tips you might even finish in time to go for a beer with the guys. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

How to Prepare for a Winter Trip

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1. During winter it is always a good idea to have the gas tank at least half full. Besides the fact that it will keep you from remaining on a road you are not familiar with it will also reduce condensation and it will ease the process of starting the engine in the cold days.

2. Get a phone charger. It might seem silly but smartphones today run out of battery really fast. This means that having a phone charger in the car will help you get out of a situation that otherwise might seem terrifying. Just imagine: you are far from home, in a rented car, your engine broke down and your phone has no battery. Could it get worse than this? Yes, it can!

3. When renting a car that has rear-wheel traction make sure you also get a bag of sand. This will help you create more traction and get out of dangerous situations. In the case of the cars which are driven by the rear wheels, the heavy front will start to slide on the ice because it doesn’t have the power to remain in balance.

4. Clear your car appropriately if you want to get maximum visibility. Start with the hood, roof and continue with the head and taillights. It might take a while but it is better to prevent any possibility instead of confirming it. Watch out for chunks of ice because they can also become dangerous.

Photo source: www.driving.ca

5. Oil is an important asset to your car. Make sure you change the filter and the oil at the right intervals. If you are traveling towards  a colder climate think about adding some “winter oil” to your rental. And always make sure to ask for a rapport form made by specialists which proves that the car has been checked in detail.

These tips might help you get out of a complicated situation. Remember: it’s always better to prevent than treat! Drive safely!


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