7 Things To Remember Before Renting a Car


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Who here hasn’t rented a car in their lives? At one moment in our driving experience we’ve all been forced to do this. Or maybe tried it out as a more comfortable option.  Either way, renting a car can be an extremely intelligent option when you don’t feel like using your own car or you don’t have one. However, taking into account that there are lots of risks when doing something like this, I recommend you read the following article. You need to remember the advice given here if you want to avoid future problems.

7 Important Steps to Remember Before Renting a Car

Photo source: www.google.com

 1. Check the car before renting it – if you rent a car straight from a renting shop, make sure you inspect it properly in order to avoid any problems. I know, we live in a civilized world where people should be honest and upfront. But does this really happen? It is better to prevent than treat.

2. Is this safe? – do you have doubts in what concerns the car you are renting? Ask to see a maintenance report and before you leave check the fluid levels and the air in the tires. You know, like drivers are supposed to do every time they leave home (I know you don’t do it every time because most of us do the same).

3. Most wanted – did you know that lots of rental car companies have restrictions on driving out the country/state? To make sure their clients respect this regulation they usually ‘accessorize’ the car with a tracking device. So if you want to be bad to the bone make sure you do it wisely!

4. Online booking – if you decide to opt for online booking make sure you print your agreement and take it with you. This way you can be sure that you will not have to face additional charges.

5. Do you know how? – before driving off into the sunset make sure you know how to handle all the equipment there (GPS, wipers, headlights, etc.) and have the number of the rental company. In case of emergency you will not be left uncovered!

6. Spare keys, anyone? – if you are renting a car to move around in an unknown area it is better not to add extra stress. Losing the only keys you have to a foreign car might be classified as a stressful experience. You can avoid this by asking for a set of spare keys before renting the car. How unlucky can you be to lose both copies?

Photo source: www.google.com

7. Running on gas – make sure the car you are about to rent runs on gasoline. This way you can avoid gas problems especially if you are traveling through Europe (in Europe most cars run on gasoline). In addition to this you have to remember to discuss with the renting company the issue of the return. How much fuel should the car have when you return it? Take this very seriously because lots of companies charge extra fees if their rules are not respected.

Now that you know the most important elements that must be respected before renting a car you can easily wander around the country or world with a rented car. Drive safely!

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