How To Be A Great House Guest When You’re Visiting Your Friends


A house guest can be super fun and everyone can have a great time. After all you haven’t seen each other in a while and there’s plenty of catching up to do, drinks to drink, and laughs to laugh. If you’ve come from far away, chances are you’re staying for longer than just the one night. That first night you can do no wrong, you’re a valued guest. But after that, you better watch out lest you be a bad house guest. There are some things you can do to ensure that you are not overstaying your welcome though. Things that you may not think of without this helpful advice so listen up.

Cook a Meal


If you’re staying for a few days, the whole thing where you’re a guest and should be treated as a special friend who can just sit around in the lazy chair is going to go out the window. Your hosts may resist, but why not offer to make a signature meal that you like to make for them. Whether it’s a delicious veggie lasagne or some bacon wrapped scallops, your hosts will appreciate that you are doing something for them instead of just take, take, taking. It’ll be a fun way to change up the whole host versus guest thing. And you will go a long way to endearing yourself to your friend’s new wife who is wary of your visit in the first place.

Rent a Car


What’s worse than being a guest who is totally reliant on your host for transportation. It’s annoying enough when your host is actually taking time off of work, but it’s even more annoying when they are at work and you are stuck. Renting a car, which can be done for pretty cheap at a place like avon truck rental not only frees your host from having to be your de facto chauffeur but also allows you to have independence (like when you need to go to the super market to get food for the meal you’re going to make them). A car is a way of being free in a new town, so if you’re staying for more than just an overnight, and you’re flying in, consider renting a car. See how cheap they are at

Sight See Solo


When you’re visiting for a week and you want to see the sights, consider doing some sight seeing on your own without relying on your host who has probably seen all these sights countless times. Hit up a museum by yourself or walk through the park with just your own thoughts to keep you company. Then when you meet back up with your buddy (and his annoying new girlfriend) the hang will be more fresh. A week is not a terribly long time – think about medieval times when a visit would be more like a month long – but it’s long enough that you need to think about ways of not over staying your welcome.

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