How to Fit a Towbar to your Car


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Whether you want to tow a caravan or trailer, or you want to fit specially designed bike racks to the back of your car you will need to have a towbar mounted to the back of your vehicle. It is possible to do this yourself, at home, if you have the right tools and the inclination. Alternatively, you can get a tow bar fitted professionally which gives you peace of mind while ensuring that it is fitted securely and properly.

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Buying a tow bar kit means that you will receive all of the essential items that are needed. This includes things like the fitting and the tow bar itself but also items like the washers and all the other parts that are required to complete the process. If you do not have the appropriate tool then the process may be impossible to complete and it could work out more expensive buying the tools when compared to paying for a professional tow bar specialist service.

The tow bar needs to be fitted properly and correctly otherwise you are putting yourself and others at risk. If the tow bar fails then the best you can hope is that whatever you are towing will suffer minor damage. The worst case scenario could be injury or worse still. If you aren’t confident about completing the process properly then you should definitely get a professional to do the work for you.

Ensure that you buy the right kit for your car. Different makes and models have different requirements when it comes to fitting items like a tow bar and only by buying the right kit can you be certain that you have the right fittings. The wrong kit will not only make the process more difficult but could lead to damage to your car and caravan.

If you are looking to transport bikes then you should consider tow bar mounted bike racks. These are a strong and sturdy solution, ideal for transporting one or two bikes quickly and easily. If you enjoy mountain biking or going on bike rides when you’re away then this is an ideal addition to your vehicle.

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