Some Modifications Can Turn Your Honda Civic Into A Powerhouse Machine

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a popular model that is usually appreciated for its fuel efficiency, compact size and workhorse-like reliability. It’s the classic commuter’s car because it won’t put a big dent in your wallet and you can expect to get many miles of driving pleasure – albeit, sometimes spent standing in traffic – from the sturdy Japanese machine.

Auto modification enthusiasts, known to some as “tuners,” tend to favor the Civic because it’s a car that doesn’t necessarily come out of the box as a powerhouse, but can easily be adapted to a more horsepower-charged vehicle. In fact, adding horsepower is one way your can charge up our Civic, and you can also get higher performance out of it by making it lighter.

Honda Civic

You can bump up the horsepower by upgrading your factory-installed exhaust to one that has a larger diameter. You want a larger pipeline that lets heat and exhaust gas escape from the engine more quickly, because that allows the engine to produce more power.

You’ll also want to put in a cold air intake instead of the stock air box, and that will help boost power. Then you can use Civic performance chips, which affect how much air, fuel and spark get tossed around inside the engine block.

Other than Civic performance chips, try forced induction from turbo-charging or supercharging, which can boost the energy you get from a engine. Also, try rebuilding the motor with performance cams and pistons, although you’re starting to talk about a pretty high cash outlay when you get into this territory.

You might also want to modify the handling with a set of adjustable performance shocks and lower, heavier rate springs. Try full coil-overs for the optimum in adjustability, and a larger sway bar to make your Civic take corners better.

You’ll probably also want to upgrade the brakes on your higher performing Civic. You can improve cooling with cross-drilled rotors, performance pads and braided steel brake lines for a more solid-feeling pedal. Or else go all the way with a big brake kit, which adds bigger calipers and rotors to your brakes to increase their efficiency.

Another way to beef up performance is to simply reduce the amount of weight that your Civic is dragging around. Ditch your stock seats and install lighter ones. Ditch the carpeting and sound-dampening material and put in lighter carpets. Also, get rid of the stock door panels and back seats. You can even replace your hood and trunk panels with lighter weight fiberglass or carbon fiber exterior panels.

In all, these modifications will give you more power and speed, and you’ll notice the difference right away.

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