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A rented car is the key to a great vacation. With a rented car you can drive away into the sunset and forget all about your problems. But what is the best way to look for a car to rent? Online or offline? Is it better to navigate on the Internet and browse the specialized sites or go directly to the source and check the cars yourself?

While both options are great, going directly to the rental companies can waste a lot of of your time and money. Without proper information you will go from rental store to rental store without finding what you really want. In this case, the online version seems to appear more interesting, right? For a little help in this area you can check the following car rental sites.

Top 3 Car Rental Sites You Will Love

1. AutoSlash – this is a site that helps people look for the perfect car rentals and save some money. Besides this visitors can also find discounts, coupons, tracks rental price, re-books and many more for free. This site was born after the owner tried different rental sites and found them lacking the essential information one might need when renting a car. You can find excellent deals on rental cars with the click of a button without having to spend a lot of your time doing research. Everything you need will be served to you at the very best prices.

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2. Kayak – This is another car rental sites that comes to support those who want to rent a car but at the same time those who want to travel around the globe. There is nothing that makes you more free than traveling so why miss your opportunity just because you didn’t find the right car? But now this is no longer an impediment. You can use Kayak to get the best deals on car rentals all over the US (Atlanta, Miami, Boston, New York, Sam Francisco, Orlando, etc.), Europe, Asia and Africa. Search for the best package deals here!

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3. Alamo – on Alamo you can get cheap car rentals, package deals, great international deals and a wide variety of offers. The last minute deals are the ones that attract more people because they are convenient and they can really save one’s skin when in trouble. Users also get the possibility to do an online check-in that can save them the burden of waiting in line for hours.


Do you have any additional tips on the best car rental sites that one should use when renting a good and cheap car?

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