Which Type of Car Suits Your Personality?

Cars for your personality

There are so many styles of car on the market nowadays, which makes it difficult for purchasers, leasers and renters to decide which to get. Whether you prefer a small hatchback or a large 4×4, you may find the ideal vehicle in minutes. However, you might find after a year or two that you wish you’d chosen something else. All is not lost, however, because if you lease a car from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts for a set period, you can then change your vehicle with ease.

Cars for your personality

This is one of the reasons why leasing cars is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. But what does your choice of car say about you?

Think small, and keep a low profile

There are several good reasons to choose a small hatchback, not the least of which is money orientated. These vehicles are relatively inexpensive to run thanks to their excellent fuel consumption figures, and cost far less to lease or buy than the larger models that you see on the roads.

Sensible car, sensible person

If you choose to buy a family saloon, it could mean you’re something of a Steady Eddie. Or it could just mean you have a family, of course. Either way, these cars are large enough to pack in everybody and everything you need, yet speedy and powerful enough to still give you a thrill on the faster roads. You’ll also have plenty of cup-holders to choose from.

Reliving your youth

Most drivers of sports cars are in their forties and fifties, purely because most younger people can’t afford to get one in the first place. It’s only when they have a few more years under their belts that they have the financial wherewithal to buy a car that would generally be more suited to someone half their age.

Get out of my way, I’m important

In recent years, the 4×4 has become a familiar sight on our roads.
They are able to negotiate almost any type of terrain, including deserts, sand dunes, rocky hills and, most importantly of all, the school run. If you own such a vehicle, you are likely to be the sort of person who expects everyone to move out of your way as soon as they see you. Or you might just like driving a larger vehicle. Either way, I will do my best not to get in your way, anyway. David Rice is a UK-based writer who likes to change his car on a regular basis. He currently drives a Mini, which says nothing at all about his personality.

He regularly rents cars from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts.

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