Why Should You Consider Buying Used Cars from Chevrolet Dealers


Summary: By purchasing a used Chevy car from the certified dealership, you will have more protection under the law than buying it from a private seller.

From private car sellers to certified used Chevrolet dealers, you may have various choices when it comes to where you purchase your vehicle. Nevertheless, buying a used car from the certified Chevrolet dealers in Toronto offers a number of benefits. By purchasing a used Chevy car from the certified dealership, you will have more protection under the law than buying it from a private seller. When you buy a used car from the dealership, you are protected by consumer law. The licensed Chevrolet dealers must provide you with correct information about the used car including price, condition of the vehicle, number of previous owners, odometer reading etc.


Apart from this, there are many other reasons why you need to buy a used Chevy car from a licensed dealership.

Rigorous Inspection:

All the used Chevrolet cars for sale come with valid manufacturer’s warranty. Please note that a pre-owned car with manufacturer’s warranty typically have to meet higher mechanical, detailing, and appearance standards. Under such warranty agreement, the dealer will be responsible to pay all or some of the repair cost if something goes wrong with the car. This type of agreement is also known as service maintenance agreement. However, it is wise to check every minute details of the extended warranty before purchasing your Chevy car. In case you need a second opinion, you can take an expert’s opinion. You need to make sure that the Chevrolet car dealers you are buying your used car shows you some kind of vehicle history report. This vehicle history report ensures that the vehicle is worthy of the certification process.

One-Stop Shopping:

Big reputed dealers typically have a big inventory of a huge selection of used Chevy cars to choose from. You can compare between different models and choose one that you prefer most. You can also take the chance of test drive as many vehicles as you want. On the other hand, buying a Chevy car from a private seller can be more time consuming and risky since you have to choose from limited number of vehicles and you are test driving with a stranger.

Easy Finance Options:

With a used car dealership, you will have all financing options ready for you. More or less, all the reputed Chevrolet dealers in Toronto will help you to complete credit applications right at the time of buying your Chevy car. A used car dealer is motivated to get you instant approval for your loan application as well.

Less paperwork and Hassle:

If you choose to buy used Chevrolet car from the licensed dealers, they will help you complete all the paperwork. This saves your time since you no longer need to stand in long lines at the motor vehicle offices/ DMV. As your hassle will be reduced, you can give more time in choosing and inspecting the best car model for you.

Finding the local Chevrolet dealers is also very easy. You can just need to ask your friends for referral or search online.

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